Friday, April 4, 2008


I haven't done much blogging lately, mostly I guess because I haven't felt very inspired or interesting lately. I figured how boring to not have new posts to look at for the 2 of you out there that do like to look at this blog I do. I thought it might be fun to reveal some facts about myself you may not know... or maybe you do ( I have been accused of being somewhat predictable at times). So here goes, a few random facts revealed about me...

I made my blog because I feel painfully guilty that we have so many family members that we do not see regularly, and that misses so much in Bella and Meritt's lives. (you may notice that my blog is primarily centered around the girls, that's why...)

I love cheese, almost any kind in any form, always have, probably always will.

I am terribly uncomfortable in big social settings, & I don't like to be the center of attention.

I was 16 when Matt and I started dating, he was going to be my attempt at a "fling". How did that work out for me? Did you know that we have never even had a break up?

I have watched every season of American Idol, and I never miss it.

When I was little, I used to have "pretend" conversations with my Grandpa Virgil. (He passed when I was 2 weeks old, I longed to have a grandpa that would take me on adventures.) I didn't get a grandpa that took me on adventures, but am enjoying seeing my girls go on their adventures with their papa.

I love the beach.

I have, 1 brother and 5 boy cousins all older than I am. I am the only girl on both sides of my family.

I love to be massaged, back, neck, feet, you name it... I would pretty much do just about anything for a good massage!

The first thing I do every day before I ever even take my head off my pillow or open my eyes is pray.

The middle stone in my wedding ring was given to us by my grandmother.

When I dreamed of what I would grow up and be and do, I thought I would go to Parsons Art School, be a graphic designer in a large metro area, and live a city life... loft apartment etc. Instead, I went to a community college, for graphic design, took a few business courses, and followed my mom and dad's entrepreneurial lead and opened a boutique in a small city, and live in an wonderful old house. (it's funny how things never quite turn out the way you have them envisioned...)

I really like to fish, haven't been in a long time, but enjoyed it so much that as a kid fishing the NW was my favorite program.

I love to cook, hate to bake (it's the measuring).

I love to plan parties, right now I am working on planning Bella's 5th Birthday carnival!

I am a pretty sensitive person (although I do tell it like it is). I always replay things I've said, and things I shouldn't have... my feelings are fairly easily hurt. I always listen and hear the meaning in songs, poems, cards, things like that.

People assume that I am a lot like my mom because we work together, and for the most part can spend great deals of time with each other, but I am much more like my dad.

Bella is named after my Great Aunt Isabelle (I loved that woman, she passed away just recently) Meritt is named after my Great Grandmother on my mom's side Nettie Odessa Meritt.

Matt and I have a boy named picked out if we ever have one, but are keeping it a secret... why? People have too many opinions about names. What can they say once you've named someone it? I have no idea if we will have any more children, Bella is convinced she needs a brother. I asked her what would happen if she got another sister and not a brother.... she said nah, we don't need another one of those.

I am a perfectionist, to a terrible degree.

If I had to pick the main reason why I love my husband, it would be how much I genuinely like him, and how safe and happy he makes me feel anytime he's around. (OK, maybe a couple reasons) (and trust me we're not perfect, we get on each others nerves from time to time, but at the end of the day, I like him the best.)

I am going to have Lasik eye surgery soon. I have worn glasses or contacts since I was 8.

I am two years from my 30th birthday, I don't know how I feel about that...

It annoys me when people say I don't look old enough to be a mother to my children. When I'm 45 it won't... just predicting the future :)

I love old things, preferably from the 20's, 30's and 40's. I have a huge collection of chenille bed spreads, dishes, pottery, & quilts.

Well, that is enough revealed for today. What can you reveal about yourself? (this would be a great time to tell me you like to read this blog, say hi, and let me know something about you!)


Jacin said...

For the record, I like to read this blog. And, I know that my parents read it, too, even if they don't ever comment.

BellaRose said...

I'm glad to have a faithful commenter! (is that a word?)I guess I'm new to this blogging stuff, it just seems like it would be more fun if people talked back and forth with you?! But thank you, I'm glad you like to read my ramblings!