Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Sweet Dreams

A while back I wrote about our troubles sleeping. Since that entry we have done a few things that seem to be helping, so I thought I would share! First off we up'd our bedtime to somewhere between 7 and 7:30, and then we follow a pretty tight routine. Here's how our new routine goes... dinnertime, bath time, story time (with both girls), then I feed Meritt and Matt gets Bella tucked in, then we turn on the "Sleep Sheep" for Meritt (if you are wondering what a Sleep Sheep is, it is this darling little stuffed sheep that plays white noise like heartbeat, ocean, rain, whale songs, etc.) (it has been a godsend!!!) then a song or two for Bella on my way downstairs and off to sleep they go. Meritt is still waking up once in the night, but for now we can survive that since bedtime is going so much smoother! I highly recommend the "Sleep Sheep" for anyone out there that has babies or kids that have troubles sleeping... we have a new saying around our house and it is "GOD BLESS THE SLEEP SHEEP!". We loved it so much we bought a 2nd to have a the shop for nap time. One day soon I'm sure we'll sleep all night long... how exciting is that?!

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